3 Reasons Why Photo Printing Is Still Important In Today’s Digital Age

Technology makes it easy for our daily activities. If in the past we had to buy a roll of film to be able to take pictures using a camera, now its function can be replaced by a cell phone camera. However, we can’t always rely on technology. There are times when we have to lose important photos because our cellphone or laptop is infected with a virus, a damaged memory card, or even a photographing device and the gadget is lost while the photos in it, including the Fotografia Boudoir, have not been moved.

If that’s the case, of course, we have reasons why photo printing is still very important in this digital era. Here are the reasons:

1. No Digital Storage Guarantee
Indeed, there is no guarantee that the valuable photos that we store on a memory card or hard drive will be safe forever. If you don’t get a virus, it’s damaged, or your cellphone is lost, it could be that in years to come the memory that we use now can no longer be used. The alias has been replaced with a new type of memory. The cloud may be a secure repository. We can store many photos and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. However, there is no guarantee that the cloud provider company will survive in the years to come.

Likewise, if we save it on social media. Remember the Friendster incident? After many photos that we shared on Friendster, the social media turned out to be closed.

2. Choose a Specific Moment to Print
Not all photos in memory are printed. Choose photos for certain moments that are important to remember. Such as graduation photos, weddings, childbirths, children’s first steps, children’s first food, and other important moments.

This is what the ancients did too. We must have a special album containing childhood photos, right?
When looking at these photos, memories of when it happened will come back. And when you miss those moments, you just need to open a photo album.

3. Print Photos to Relive Memories
Without realizing it, certain emotions arise when viewing printed photos. Psychologist Linda Henkel says that the lack of organization of digital photos for personal memories prevents many people from remembering their memories.

Our memories and connections will be better with those memories when looking at and holding photos. Not just viewing photos in the form of digital files. So, it will be very easy to relive the moment when you see the photo in person.