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THE DANISH RED CROSS MEDAL (Dansk Rode Kors’ Medaille) - A Catalgoue of Decorations and Campaign Medals
Issued By Denmark To United Nations Forces
For The Korean War 1950 - 1954

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THE DANISH RED CROSS MEDAL (Dansk Rode Kors’ Medaille) 


THE DANISH RED CROSS MEDAL (Dansk Rode Kors’ Medaille)

Obverse A 1.5mm raised rim with a 12mm diameter white enamelled circle at the top of the medal containing a 8 X 8 mm red cross. Encircling the lower part of the enamel is a wreath of oak leaves. Around the lower half of the medal is the inscription in 2mm high letters ‘ IKRIG-IFRED / BARMHJERTIGHED ’ on two lines.
Reverse A 1.5mm raised rim with another raised rim 4mm inside the outer one. Inside this is the inscription IN 2.5mm letters ‘ MED TAK / FRA / DANSKRODE / KORS ’ on four lines.
Size 32mm diameter.
Suspension The ribbon is threaded through a 12mm diameter ring, which passes through a 4mm loop fixed to the top of the medal. The ring will move forwards and backwards but not sideways.
Composition Silver.
Designers Not known.
Naming Issued unnamed.
Ribbon Red 27mm wide, with a central 11mm white stripe. This is the ribbon issued for an award for service abroad, for an award at home the ribbon is the same as the Red Cross Badge of Honour.
No. of clasps None.
Other emblems None.
No. issued 761 medals were issued between 1927 and 1963.
Instituted Instituted on 6 October 1927 and approved by King Christian X on 14 November 1927.
Qualification Awarded for outstanding and protracted service to the Danish Red Cross.