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Medal for Foreign Theatres of War – unnamed - A Catalgoue of Decorations and Campaign Medals
Issued By Belgium To United Nations Forces
For The Korean War 1950 - 1954

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Medal for Foreign Theatres of War – unnamed 


Medal for Foreign Theatres of War – unnamed


Circular depicting a star of 16 points superimposed on a laurel wreath with a 

  central 23.5mm diameter medallion of the full arms of Belgium.


Circular, with a 2mm wide raised rim containing the emblem of the United

  Nations, a polar projection map of the world, encircled by laurel wreath and with 

   the name of the engraver ‘J.DEMART.51’ on the bottom right.


37mm diameter, and 2mm thick.


The ribbon is threaded through a 15mm diameter ring, which passes through a loop

  fixed to the top of the medal. The ring will move forwards and backwards but not


Composition Bronze.

J.D. Dermart

Naming Medal issued unnamed.

37mm UN blue with two 2mm white stripes 12mm apart and 1.5mm tricolour


  of red (outer), yellow and black (inner).

No. of clasps

4 - Bronze, slide on type 40mm long and 4mm deep with the 2.5mm inscription in 


‘COREE-KOREA’   - All volunteers of the Bataillon Belge who qualified 

  for the medal are entitled to this clasp.

‘IMJIN’  - Soldiers of the first contingent (1951-2) who 

  participated in the fighting in April 1951, who are

  entitled to the first citation, qualify to wear this


‘HAKTANG-NI’  - Soldiers of the first contingent (1951-2) who 

    participated in the fighting in October 1951, who are

  entitled to the second citation, qualify to wear this


‘CHATKOL’  - Soldiers of the second contingent (1952-3) who

  participated in the fighting along the bank of the

  Imjin River in April 1953, who are entitled to the

  third citation, qualify to wear this clasp.

Other emblems

Bronze lion  - A single 5mm round bronze emblem with the lion of Belgium in

  relief my be worn by individuals who have been citated in the

  orders of the day.

  Wound cross - A single red enamelled cross with 5mm legs, 1mm wide, may be

  worn by those wounded in action and granted an injury chevron.

  Silver star   - A single 5mm diameter, 5 pointed Silver Star is worn on the ribbon

  by servicemen returning to duty in Korea after being wounded in


No. issued Not known.

Promulgated by the Royal Decree of 26 September 1951 and signed by King

  Baudouin  (M.B. of 13 October 1951) the government granted Belgium citizens

  and entitled foreigners who served with  Belgium Units in this theatre of operations

  to wear this medal.  The Royal Decree of 24 July 1954 (M.B. of 29 July 1954) 

  completed the arraignment concerning the insignia and clasps for the ribbon of the



For Belgium personnel and foreigners attached to the Bataillon Belge, service of

  one day or more between 18 December 1950 and 29 July 1953.  The qualification

   for the clasps was the eligibility for the citation for which the clasp was awarded.

  The medal may also be awarded posthumously.


The medal was manufactured at different Belgium mints, i.e. Fibru, De Greef, etc,

  using different dies hence the following variations:-

Type 1 obverse - Composition of the crown of leafs of laurel different.

    reverse  - Crown of the leafs of laurel different and the name of the

   engraver larger.

Type 2 obverse - Structure of the large Arms of Belgium and its relief.

  width of medal centre smaller.

  reverse  - Cut of the continents inside the emblem of the United

  Nations different.

Type 3 reverse  - No name of the engraver.

Clasps  - Larger size clasps are known with characters 3mm high.

Ribbon  - O.N.A.C. ribbon with the white stripes woven on


  Edging tricolour varies from 1.5mm to 3mm depending if

  the ribbon was embroidered or woven.